December 31, 2011 - Yearend Reflections

December 31, 2012

The year’s end often inspires reflection, celebration, and gratitude for all things that have passed.  Whether this year we’ve triumphed or simply survived, what matters are that we always have so much to learn from our experiences, and come January 1st, we have a chance to start anew, to rebuild, to explore and discover, to create!

I invite you to join us in celebrating four years of impact at Womensphere, and in honoring the great women and partners who are shining lights in our community. I also invite you to create the future with us – today and in the coming year - by supporting our extraordinary partner organizations that are transforming the world.

Over the past four years, a period that economists called a “Deflationary Depression,” Womensphere emerged and grew as a unique global leadership and innovation community, drawing strength from the principle  that women are the greatest force in the world whose potential must be unleashed, and deriving inspiration from knowing we are not alone in this view.   International organizations from the United Nations to the World Bank, have consensus around the pivotal and catalytic role played by empowering women and girls in attaining the Millennium Development Goals, and in the political and economic transformation of nations.

Since 2008, through 19 Womensphere summits, forums, campaigns, and media, we reached, convened and connected over 10,000 women, around the themes of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, economic transformation, sustainability, and social impact.  The new year will mark an inflection point in our growth, as we begin to scale Womensphere’s reach and impact to ultimately benefit millions of women and girls worldwide...

For more of the message, read the year-end CEO Letter here