June 1, 2012 - On ASEAN Financing, ASEAN Connectivity, and Values - Discussions at the World Economic Forum East Asia Summit

The discussions at the World Economic Forum's East Asia Summit covered the future of region, the benefits of economic cooperation, the dynamics of geopolitics and investment, how to fight poverty and create long-term economic development, and enabling greater connectivity within ASEAN.

I was most caught up by the sessions that featured Columbia professor and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, on ASEAN Connectivity, followed by a session on ASEAN Financing. Pictured on top left are Prof. Stiglitz, together with me and with fellow Young Global Leaders Sophal Ear and Nick.

We also enjoyed deep conversation and insightful exchanges during an interactive lunch focused on Values - values in transition and transformation within Asia - what the catalysts are, whether we should preserve them or evolve, how we determine what values to adopt in a changing global environment. Pictured on the top right is Young Global Leader Kevin Lu leading this luncheon session, with Goldman Sachs Partner Kathy Matsui (far right) presenting her table's insights and reflections.

On ASEAN Financing, a segment taped for Bloomberg TV, the question explored was - How can ASEAN economies build a more sound and integrated financial architecture?

Another important topic explored was - How can East Asia's emerging technology and innovations lead to new products, services and business models in the region?

To view some of the exciting sessions at the World Economic Forum's East Asia Summit:

ASEAN: Escape from Poverty - What actions are needed to alleviate poverty in East Asia?

ASEAN Connectivity - Roadmap to 2015

The Promise and Future of Myanmar - What does Myanmar's recent reform mean for the region and the world?  A conversation with U Than Htay, Union Minister for Energy of Myanmar

And an outstanding Closing Plenary - featuring the Co-Chairs of the Summit: Pailin Chuchottaworn, President and Chief Executive Officer, PTT Public Company, Thailand; Helene D. Gayle, President and Chief Executive Officer, CARE USA; Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, GDF SUEZ, France; Malvinder M. Singh, Executive Chairman, Fortis Healthcare, Singapore; Chaired by Sushant Palakurthi Rao, Senior Director, Head of Asia, World Economic Forum.