May 21, 2012 - Young Global Leaders, Seattle Summit – Day 1 at the Gates Foundation

Melanie Walker and Boris Nikolic really did an exemplary job of organizing the Summit! (Thank you and congratulations!)

(L-R):  Matthew Bishop and Bill Gates speak about the Gates Foundation, Bill’s favorite books, and thoughts on the future of humanity and global problem-solving;  Melinda Gates speaks about giving her voice to family planning and inspiring billionaires towards philanthropic giving; Charles Simonyi,  creator of Word and Excel, shares his experience in going outer space, and  talks with YGL Eric Anderson about the future of space tourism.

Melanie Walker with the inspiring Young Global Shapers at the launch event of Seattle’s Young Global Shapers Chapter. The Global Shapers are an exciting and highly charged group of next generation young leaders. (Shapers, you all rock and you totally inspire, keep up the great spirit! :)