May 22, 2012 - Young Global Leaders, Seattle Summit – Day 2 at Microsoft and Starbucks

(L-R): Jeff Sachs, Head of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, in a conversation with YGLs led by John MacArthur, discussing the Millennium Development Goals, solving poverty through new development models, theory vs. practice, and creating inspiring leadership; Steve Sinofsky, President of Windows at Microsoft, explains the company’s global business and strategy; Cliff Burrows, President of Starbucks US and Americas, shares Starbucks’ story, culture, and principles. Cliff’s talk was preceded by a coffee tasting of Starbucks' house blend. Who knew coffee is just like wine, with the effect of terroir something we taste in the coffee...

Happy to be back at my old employer Microsoft! (L-R):  Matthew Bishop , Tan Le, Analisa Balares, Danah Boyd, Mina Guli; The Young Global Leaders group, engaged in a tour of Microsoft’s “Home of the Future.”  (I was most impressed by the changing wall display themes, that was very cool.)

Please note that in deep respect to my esteemed YGL colleagues, I have refrained from posting the very exciting photographs taken during the Microsoft User Experience Research Labs... (where all sorts of research were conducted on the new Microsoft games... ;)