We have recently had three new extraordinary leaders and innovators join Womensphere's Global Advisory Board, and I would love to welcome them here!

Dr. Monica Beltrametti - is the Chief Services Research Officer at Xerox, and Head of the Xerox Research Centre in Europe, which develops software technologies for Xerox solutions and services, while drawing from European scientific know-how and customer knowledge. Monica has a PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics from the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Munich (Germany). Monica was a Distinguished Speaker at our inaugural Womensphere Pan-European Summit at Oxford University last year, and we look forward to her joining us at this September's Womensphere Global Summit 2012 on Creating the Future!


Joe Michaels - is one of the brilliant, inspiring, innovative leaders at MSN who I've long admired (since my MSN days 7 years ago) and who I've had the privilege of having as a mentor, supporter, and friend.  Joe is now Senior Director at Microsoft, and is the Head of all of MSN Business Development.  (Joe, Microsoft is truly very lucky to have you at the helm of that!)


Dr. Keith Schwab - runs The Schwab Group at CalTech, which "pursues the development and applications of the most advanced measurement techniques to both probe the fundamental quantum nature of the physical world, and to further nanoscience and nanotechnology. Currently... focused on the exploration of the quantum properties of nanoscale electro-mechanical structures at ultra-low temperatures, and the applications of nanofabrication to atomic and quantum optics experiments." Keith is a great champion of advancing women in science and technology. He's also an amazing photographer, a fellow Young Global Leader, and an overall brilliant and wonderful person.

The Womensphere Global Advisory Board is comprised of an extraordinary circle of thought leaders, innovators, experts, entrepreneurs, and trailblazing pioneers across a spectrum of disciplines and industries, reflecting the richness of our community, and inspiring us with their light, leadership, and wisdom.