With much thanks to American Airlines for being our Official Airline Sponsor

I'm excited to announce that American Airlines has become one of Womensphere's most inspiring new strategic partners and sponsors - and our Official Airline Sponsor. And for this, I want to thank two of AA's visionary leaders who made this happen - Jason Oshiokpekhai and Johna Johnson - who believe in the important work we are doing at Womensphere, and who wanted to support our growth and global reach through joining as our Official Airline Sponsor.

To help me build Womensphere globally, American Airlines - through Jason and Johna's leadership - is enabling me to fly freely to participate in all World Economic Forum Summits and Regional Meetings this year, including the May 21-23 Young Global Leaders Seattle Summit, and the upcoming World Economic Forum for East Asia Summit in Bangkok on May 30-June 1.  Thank you so much for your support, our new friends - this means the world to us at Womensphere! :)