To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
- William Blake


There are a few things that drive me and the work that I do...

A constant quest for truth, knowledge, and understanding.  This has drawn me into science, mathematics, economics, and so much of the work we are doing at Womensphere.

A passion for creation, innovation, invention.  This has drawn me to technology, media, the arts, theatre, film-making, entrepreneurship, social innovation.  I believe that each of us is given talent and opportunity to create something meaningful that makes the world better and brighter.

A commitment to solving problems and creating new solutions.  I'm also an analytical problem-solver at heart, and much of the work that we do at Womensphere is about approaching problems from many different angles and disciplines.

A compassion for people, a love for humanity. I credit my parents and my family for bringing me up in a loving home, and for sharing with me their spirit and their compassion for people. This is a gift I carry.


My work and approach is predicated upon a number of principles that are important to me:

I believe in the fundamental interconnection of everything. I believe that everything is interconnected (economics, politics, environment, people, society, everything) and that imbalances in the overall system should be addressed from different angles and frameworks of reference.

Thus I believe in a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and innovation. I think that problems are best solved when approached from different perspectives, and calling upon a range of relevant expertise.

And thus I believe in the power of bringing together a diverse community of people with shared values and shared purpose.

These beliefs are fundamental to how we view and approach the world at Womensphere.


In building Womensphere, I have based our work upon fundamental principles I believe in:

That positive global transformation starts with the self. We must become the change we seek. The seeds of change and solutions to the problems that beset humanity - rest within each of us.

That empowering women and unlocking women's potential are necessary to global change. Women play a critical role in changing the world. So at Womensphere, and in most of my life's work, I actively invest in unlocking women's potential and enabling women to reach success and fulfillment - in our personal lives, in our careers and organizations, in our communities, and in the world.

That diversity fuels innovation and solutions. The sphere would not exist without the circles that comprise it, and a circle on its own cannot create a sphere. To truly unleash potential in oneself and others, to inspire positive transformation, to solve problems, and to create positive impact in the world - the great ideas and great leaders of our time will come from a diversity of industries, nationalities, cultures, affiliations, and backgrounds.  I believe that the power of unity and collaboration of many different circles, will result in ultimately greater outcomes for humanity and for women.

That there is great power in the community to build and nurture positive change. Innovation has made this an era when individual power is at its greatest - any one person can have a voice, inspire change, and affect outcomes. I believe that success and positive change endures when a community is behind it. Thus, I believe in nurturing and inspiring collaboration among a community of leaders - bringing together women and men, emerging leaders, networks, companies, governments, and institutions, that share our mission and purpose.

I don't believe that we exist only for ourselves, or that we find meaning in doing so. I believe that it is our individual and collective responsibility to create better realities for ourselves, for the people we care about, for our communities, and for humanity - in the present and in the future.